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  1. random bump, but i finally put up some sound treatment panels in the studio! and hot dang ! incredible difference ! its really hard to describe, but night and day. i made 7.25" deep panels w 6" Roxul AFB batt with 1.25" gap 24"x48" mounted in 4 wall corners (i have two more panels very similar where i still want to decide where to hang). i am lucky that two of the corners actually are first reflection points as well. last night was the first night I turned on the monitors. you basically hear the speakers first and only the speakers, not the room. anywhere you move in the room it sounds clean and not different like when there are no treatments. the sound of the bass is almost felt like when your at a festival. the bass is felt more. there is less of a cannned noise (untreated room),. the sound sounds cleaner and slightly louder. it was a lot of work but so worth it. i am more than glad i did them. it wasn't that challenging to build but you have to have the time and patience and some decent tools.
  2. mood, context, effect so so much ! and context covers so many things, time of day, location, substances, dj style before, dj style after, festivals main genre vs sub genres, listening at home, listening while dancing, listening while working, all in context. there are days I love everything I hear, then there are days I don't feel the same instant enjoyment to many songs. breaks from listening are good, even pauses and exploring with completely different styles of music. great points here, i like the discussions sub topics here as well. i need to evaluate Golden Times and Liberation as well ! i own both so it will be easy to listen and analyze. either way I can't wait to get some more acoustical treatments! =) oh and yea breakdowns are a necessary evil to the trance state ! they are needed for that one moment (15-35 seconds) of rest and no beat, but there is a very fine line, as a dancer if a break down is too long which is very easy to be too long, it tends to be extra cheesy and you are just waiting for the beat to dance again. but no breakdowns you are desperately waiting for it to take a breath. and @Imba I love your point about having soul into productions. i can relate to that! and I like your point about compromise, with what an artist truly loves and what formulas are proven to be effective, all in balance and in moderation! you cant have too much of one or the other.
  3. also note, Glitch has now more recently tried the phase align thing with voxengo pha-979, and he checked it with voxengo correlometer. (he didnt side chain but yea) i kinda wanted to ask him which he prefers now.
  4. don't forget the other work around b4 the osc phase retrigger as well, is to bounce one good rendered quarter note of a bass note and copy it that way to manually "retrigger" the osc , so to speak.
  5. roger that! =) thanks for your thoughts! i need to use the mfreeformphase and tweak that static line to fix that example, or are you only supposed to mess with depth? it seems like the drawing of the phase line would work too? because in that example it flip floped at 75 no matter what depth and I am a big fan of the Xfer LFO Tool, i use it on every single bass. and yes I want my songs to be played on big rigs ! =) shouldn't we all ? I am thinking of using correlometer to check out a pro song at a kick and bass break down and see how it looks as well.
  6. @MikroMakro thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I definitely agree on a lot of your points! At the begging, i really needed a way to check what I was hearing was actually good or not, and the visual meters/ visual tools really helped confirm and double check if what I was hearing was true or false. It also is like a nice piece of mind. And the marriage of Kick & Bass, no doubt they are coupled together and that can never be forgotten. I also agree with the listening aspects, sometimes I even ask to myself "can you dance to this", "is there a groove", "are you put in a trance from this", "is this trippy" etc. etc. With all that said what do you like to use for bass ? I don't think you shared what Bass synths you enjoy or use? =)
  7. here is a quick vid of the MFreeformPhase + Correlometer combo in action.
  8. just tried the MFreeformPhase + Correlometer combo, how did your correlometer look? thank you Imba, for sharing Colin OOOD's tip. heres a screen shot of best I could get on one quick test on an existing project, gonna try it on some other projects and experiment.
  9. ^^^ @Imba I am definitely going to try that as well and report back, thanks for sharing that info ! , it would be a really interesting comparison doing that on an existing project/song and see how different it really sounds. and +1 on amazing channel - Dash aka Glitch is super helpful and has many videos ! He def has a dedicated serum video or two! here are the alchemy presets I found in some of my projects, and I randomly added 1 after the names too lol. https://www.dropbox.com/s/flhruaxaazc3w3z/Alchemy%20Presets.zip?dl=0 fair warning I have no idea how they will sound with a diff chain and diff effects plugins etc etc I can send retro synth ones too but as we both said it sometimes (usually) needs more.
  10. yes sweet, i will let you know how that patch sounds on my end, let me do some digging and find my best existing Alchemy Bass Patch =) , i actually was messing with it over the weekend and have a decent one from that too. also i know what you mean with retro synth, theres just some little something that is off or that it needs. with that said I have a few songs with retro synth and they are pretty nice! so you have both Serum and Spire, any more?? =) it must be fantastic having more than one heavy hitter synths. and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the wave shapes. !!! this is epic to hear =)
  11. thanks! i have been leaning on that one since i started this debate!, but man there's so many options and they all sound/appear sweet. but yea wave tables , they seem like all the talk w serum. =) and that sounds wild, taking wave forms right from the source to directly emulate the sound. sounds like it couldn't get much more accurate than that.
  12. Thank you Sir ! i will definitely look at this one, and don't believe I have seen it yet but have seen other E-Clip tutorials. It's Serum too =) I think you said you mainly use Sylenth1 ?? Also I must thank you for your sample packs ! I have used them in all of my productions! You have been a great influence ! =) appreciate your posting here and sharing your knowledge ! I also have plenty of your tracks and am a huge suntrip fan. I have used Alchemy ! and have found some solid bass from that, I need to look up what song I made that sounds really clean if it had bass from Alchemy or not. I found some decent bass from Retro Synth as well, but it always was like is there better =) yea i got one ok bass form es-1 but it needed more. and I gotta re look what esm was. Alchemy is extreme in its settings, and I have spent hours in that thing looking for bass and teaking it's setting to make it more psy =) I can post later what settings I went with in Alchemy if you want. yes! definately, and plan to listen and revist that track again soon as well.
  13. Thanks for the reference I will update! look forward to checking that out as well. and i appreciate your advice on learning and taking your time. i definitely agree with that and have already started that way in my productions! Billy Cosmosis had a good video about that, if there are too many tools you can get lost in the options. This video should be standard issue to anyone getting into psy production =) definately have watched that a few times =) man ! cubase is really sounding really nice, see a lot of reputable guys using it. im on logic now, its been pretty sweet though. interesting ! Hive2 does seem intriguing especially being a newer revamped version. i like your real world point of view on the nitty gritty of phase! =) hahaha yea lets agree it's a nice thing to do for fellow producers at least =) lol and i like ur point about rules as music is definately not supposed to have too too many rules, i look at it this way, (probably read it on production forums) you need to know the rules in order to break them =)
  14. I tried to multi quote but new to this forum format lol. so I definately have watched that very helpful video from Bezonance ! super helpful. And yes been using stock logic synths for now. I found phase alignment was pretty nice through Xfer's LFO Tool, i was able to move it where ever it need and cut it (similar to side chain) in that tool. and thanks for sharing your examples! def sound very solid (w extra focus on bass to stay on topic) and Safe Travels is very nice! =)
  15. I am finally in the market to buy a nice VST Synth for the main purpose of making Bass (and of course anything else is a plus, like leads and atmospheres). Right now I am leaning Serum , because of some artists i love dearly are using it, it's popularity, its sound, and its additional features besides bass. But there are so many to choose from and I would like to hear peoples opinions or experiences with them, maybe even examples? Of course some artists I like I have no idea what they use for Bass so, I am trying to keep an open mind before I pick a path. Posting examples of Psy Trance songs and what synth was used for bass would be very helpful. With the cost of these around $150 - $200+, i want to try to get it right the first time. I have researched Psytrance synths on the web for a while, some references dating back so long. So i thought this thread may be a nice cohesive and current list for anyone considering a new vst synth for bass. Is it easy to get bored with just one? Do some of you ever get additional ones because you want a new sounds and colors? Right now I have been just using native synths inside my DAW and I am ready for something more ! Cost is not a deciding factor for me but to make this list more informative I added prices. Here is list of Psytrance VST Synths that I found that are popular for Bass Synthesis. Serum -$189 Sylenth1 - $164 +/- Massive - $149 Hive 2 - $176 +/- Bazille - $152 +/- Zebra2 - $235 +/- Spire - $189 Dune 3 - $168.87 Feel Free to suggest any I haven't discovered, and I can update the list. And I apologize if I didn't post any other obvious popular ones!
  16. oh dang ! this is nice ! thanks for sharing ! this is top quality from what I am hearing so far, and what I know of Dohm sounds already, and may try to write a review when done a proper listen
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