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Xprompt - Generator

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Artist: Xprompt
Title: Generator
Label: Pureuphoria Records
Date: April, 2018

1. Intergalactic
2. Pole Position
3. Silent Prophecy
4. Hypnotic Bridge
5. Birth of Impulse

I've got a lot of music on the hard drive from Ekto before they took a  powder and just picked this at random.  Well, that's not true.  I really liked the cover art.   This is the side project of a project called Neon.  Which means nothing to me because I haven't heard of them either.  What I like about this is its straight ahead nature.  But it's also what makes all the tracks sound so similar.  It is dark and rumbly, high tempo trance that doesn't deviate much from what you hear in the beginning of the track.  Scary sounds and thumping beats abound without it devolving into noise.  Melodies are just a light touch, but it's enough to pull it together.  Can't say I would reach for this over and over, but hell, I enjoyed it.

Free at Ektoplazm

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