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The Maniac - A Treatise On Acid


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Artist: The Maniac
Title: A Treatise On Acid
Label: Timewarp Records
Date: February, 2019

1. Praise the Acid
2. Computer Controlled
3. MK Ultra
4. Losing Sanity
5. Hypnogogic
6. Back To Psychosis
7. Acid In The Circuit
8. Corrosion
9. Overdose
10. A Treatise On Acid


Goa trance from India?  You mean the actual birthplace of the whole she banga bang?  What a novel concept.  I have been aware of this artist for awhile, but nothing he has yet done really stuck with me.  Until now.  This is an acid tsunami with screaming 303 sounds that move from growling to screeching in every track.  It's thumping beat is the framework for the dance party.  This is not a storytelling album so much as a cardiovascular exercise and I'll be the first to admit it is so frenetic and intense you might have to take periodic breaks.  Do some housework, play with your kids, then come back to it.  Timewarp is a digital label that produces so much material that it's easy to get buried, but don't sleep on this gem if you love acid.


Timewarp Bandcamp

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