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Alien Translator - Black Moon EP - JaraLuca's side project

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Hello !

I want to present you yesterday release of my dark psy side project - Alien Translator !  EP - " Black Moon" was released by  Undeground Experience Music .Most people knows me from Goa trance side but today I want to present you my alter ego :)

Tracklist :

1. Black Moon 6:21
2. Soul Smuggler 6:47
3. Waiting for Civilization 07:43
4. Wicked 06:08
5. Brainbreaker 07:43

All Tracks Written & Produced by Lukasz Z.
Mastering by Atrus
Cover Artwork by Psycoreclinic

BANDCAMP (name your price ) - https://undergroundexperiencemusic.bandcamp.com/album/black-moon-ep?fbclid=IwAR1HbK_Qv7RwudATaRUyuzQYSHqJjfGpIF8j2KzPaR9Px7nUAmBAAkS4xuY



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Nice stuff! My favorite is track #3. 
I wonder if it would be worth a try to insert some alien melodies here and there, not overload the tracks with melodies but try to add a few and see how it sounds, while keeping the same atmosphere, cold and dark. Just a suggestion but great EP regardless!

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