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My music thread. :)

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Hello you fellow psyheads,


I've been lurking around on this site for some years now and decided to finally join and start commenting and interacting with you guys, so yeah,

happy to finally meet you!

What better way to introduce myself, than with the song I've been working on recently.

I'm feeling a bit shy about this, I normally don't show the "music" I make to anyone but interested friends.

But here you go, please be a bit lenient im still quite new to the whole process of music production.



I will post new music here regularly


But of course feedback and all the good stuff is warmly welcome.



Have a good one,




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Multi-Media    19

Willkommen (in der Wirklichkeit), we are glad for new members, hope you write in the forums and not only post you music. :)

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