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please help find tracklist of an old mix from here

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technosomy    261

hey all, would like your help
have loads of mixes that downloaded from here over the years, 1 inparticular was a goa mixed by igneo, the title was those were the days or something like that, the mix is a bit glitchy now for some reason, but i know the second track of the mix is summer 89, it's mainly filled with old goa and trance tracks, some sounding kind of berry, platipus art of trance sound, tried searching here but nothing comes up, if anyone knows which one i talking about any help be great, got some nice old stuff bringing back memories but can't get the artists names

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Hi Technosomy!


Thanks for bringing back some good memories, that is an old mix I made a while ago and I miss those old good days!


This is the tracklist:

  1. Jones & Stephenson - Gummiringe
  2. California Sunshine - Summer 89 Oakenfold mix
  3. BPC - Subsonic Undergrpound
  4. Pob feat. X-avia - The Awakening (quietman remix)
  5. BT - Blue Skies (PVD BLauder Himmel)
  6. dj Scot Project - y how deep (Talla 2XLC remix)
  7. Kamaya Painters - Wasteland
  8. Digital Blonde - Point Zero remix
  9. Transa - prophase (x cabs remix two)
  10. Binary Finary- 1998 (binary finary mix)
  11. Grace - Down to Earth (Oakenfold and Osborne dub mix)
  12. Genecom - Sillicon Dreams
  13. Legend B - Lost in love (halo mix)
  14. Tilt feat Zee - rendezvous (tilt vs PVD)
  15. BT - Flaming June (BT and PVD mix)
  16. BPC - Lubianka
  17. Perfecto all stars - zeds dead
  18. Grace- Hand in Hand (jam el mar mix)
  19. Mystica- african horizon (x-cabs remix 2)
  20. dj Mary jane - The journey
  21. Kuro - Gon 2
  22. Tilt - I dream (resurrection extended mix)

I still have the mix and could upload it again  if you want :) 

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technosomy    261

thanks bro for the reply your a legend!
it's corrupted on my ipod but think have original file still, it's a great mix!
was at work listening to ipod and out of 16000 tracks this mix came up and took me way back, the pob track was the one i wanted to know, and i just knew it was a platipus!
some great remixes there, reminds me how i still love this style and era,
thanks alot made my day

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Trolsk    22

JISNEGRO, could you please make that mix available again, the tracklisting looks interesting.



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