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Curious if anybody here other than me follows Zenon Records? 

They have always been a staple in my psy diet, not just because Sensient lived near me when Blue Neevus was realeased and Zenon started up, but especially the last 2 years where I feel they have really become a really quality prog label with psychedelic moments.

Other prog labels have  IMO either become a sad amalgamation of full on with the more boring elements of prog psy, or just a cut n' paste style where nothing stands out a original at all (Iboga main, Iono, Spiral Trax to name a few).

Iboga though have really blown me away a bit with their side label Iboga Tech which IMO ticks a lot of the original Scandinavian progressive boxes.

Sensient did an amazing 5 hour set back here in Melbourne, Australia just before last Xmas, and it was such a nice deep tribal psychedelic trip. Like a warm organic blanket safe to lose your mind in. 

So any other Zenon fans here?


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Zenon is a word i learned from charnobyls nuclear reactor explosion tv-series recently..

Zenon has to me always been like Full-on, only it's Zen-on


Zenon .. I bought this back in the day. Remember there was a lot of mocking to the coverart. It was their fifth release. 

Zenon to me is a better success evolution progress, a place where e.g. Tatsu Recordings could have gone if time was on their side, which it wasnt. Zenon is for me like Berlin (deep) Techno born out of Psytrance realm. 


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