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Artist: Spindrift
Title: Deep Nature
Label: Stereohemia Rec
Date: Sept 23, 2019


1. Induced Mysticism
2. Respire
3. Deep Nature
4. Witch Switch
5. Transfix
6. Trypto Night
7. Halographic
8. Charged Particles

SpindDrift Deep Nature is a solid release that doesn't try to be anything it's not. Not particularly aggressive, not to fast, not to slow. It might be right in the Goldilocks zone for psytrance, and a bit to the left of paranoia. Excellent production makes every moment clear, while bright psy leads cut through the psychedelic darkness that almost wraps it's way over your ankles.

Induced Mysticism - Not instantly my favourite track on the album but it has creeped its way into me sphere of enjoyment. Creaky leads come in and out while background layers destroy your concentration. 

Respire - A funky start and bassline that makes me feel like I really need to get something done in the next 7 minutes and 46 seconds or the world will explode. Psychedelic leads pump out from the depths again and again as they are covered over in mossed tree roots. Respire is Anthem-esque, funk psy that induces visions from the first kick.

Deep Nature - Bassline introduction 'Nice to meet you' and away we go. Probably the most complex in terms of melodic structure that we have heard so far. The leads feel raw and dark but are sprinkled over by brighter faerie dust. Top notch production quality all the way through.

Transfix - A true dancefloor groover that is probably the most happening and psychedelic track of the album. Raw leads get flicked towards you while the melody soars above. This is vision inducing dancefloor music that makes you want to throw your hands in the air and spin a little.

Witch Switch - The only bassline on the album that feels to big and repetitive, if it was toned down a notch I feel the rest of the track would shine... Speaking of, the rest of the track is pure psychedelia, the kind of track you can zone out to while driving through the night, don't slow down or one of the voices might catch you.

Trypto Night - A cruisy track that gets better the louder it goes. Dancing between the kind of paranoia that keeps you checking the distant forest edge for those damn talking woodland trolls and bright green entrancing leads that beg you to come closer. In deep distance you hear all the spooky creatures gasping for your attention, background shouts drowned out by brighter leads and kickdrums that feel warm and safe stop this track going anywhere to dark. 

Halographic - Another head banger that feels like it may be chill until the voices at 1:48 spin the track into psycho baba land. This is another favourite of mine as the leads change direction more regularly and background synths feel full and dark. Halographic encompasses the album artwork the best in my opinion.

Charged particles - my favourite track on the album. If there was going to be one anthem on the album this would be it. Fast and sharp leads hold the track together while psychedelic spicks & specks dance around groovy melodies. Like every other track here the low end is deep and punchy. 

Spindrift, is not your typical psychedelic trance producer. When I see a cover that hints at forest I generally expect machine gun baselines, disjointed layers that have various degrees of the gator fx and a nothing tale.

'Wow Tsotsi, you gotta put an entire genre down to build an artist up?'

Deep Nature is the opposite of all that. We get warm punchy kicks, well defined thick leads that cut above the other layers and sparkly conundrums of psychedelia. If psytrance can pass the stock Citroen car speaker mono test then it is doing something right. Deep Nature sounds pleasant and well produced. Most surprising of all, it feels best to listen to this album during the day time while cruising down some highway to Nowhereville.


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