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Sebastian Mazel - Audio Blend | Hypnodisk

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GhostOnAcid    24

Sebastian Mazel - Audio Blend

Label: Hypnodisk ‎– HYP-028

Format: File, FLAC, MP3, WAV, EP

Land: Japan

Veröffentlicht: 15 Oct 2018




1 Audio Blend 8:03 124 bpm
2 Ash 10:27 120 bpm


Sebastian Mazel is Sébastien Masurel...hm i dont who he is exactly, but discogs says he has many to do with Blue Planet Corperation and DAT Records.

Audio Blend is an very interessting EP. Discogs classyfied it as Acid and Deep Techno. For me it sounds like Down-Midtempo Goatrance. Its progressive with long build ups. The climaxes are wilder with a lot of sounds and melodys, which flows in one another, especially in "Ash" with a massive thunder of acidsounds. The composition has the typical vibe of Oldschool Goa. With the modern sounddesign its sounds very fresh and interessting for me. The lower bpm gives the tracks a groovy feeling.
Summarized: The Audio Blend EP by Sebastian Mazel contains fresh melodic, groovy and psychedelic music. I like it a lot. :-)


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Manuser    286

These are nice tracks on the slow hypnotic side. I am not too surprised to hear this style from Masurel if you listened to this 2017 remix before.

This remix was made by Gabriel Masurel though, I am guessing Sebastien is his brother? Anyway it sounds exactly in the same style. Would be great to hear a full album in this type of slow and progressive sound.

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