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Slipp - Circuits

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Tsotsi    125


Well that covers not so bad is it.

Logman & Stumps Stump, I mean Spazmo I mean Slipp (The artist previously known as Spazmo) has released his first solo project album. Back to the cover and you get the feeling some other Spazmo made a fuss and 'Slipp' just said fuck I know how to use Paint. It'll do my friend.

Artist: Slipp
Title: Circuits
Label: The Next Levelists
Date: Jan 16, 2019

Back to the album, we find a mix of Australian bush tech with cool rhythms, psychedelic builds and dugga dugga kickz. Slipp can build a track up and bring it back down again over and over.

Take Overload is an example of intensity rising and falling as effortlessly as a koala eating eucalyptus leaves. The track ebbs and flows it's way right through the night offering some pretty cool moments.

The circuitry is obvious in Euodia as all the layers work together to create a relaxing swayer of a dance track that.

Strange gives some serious tech house atmospheres right from the get go. Stick around for a minute or two and you'll find the track veer off into a new direction with cool as sounds.

Hard Work tells nothing but the the truth. It's what you gotta do gang, put in the hours. Get it. The final melody sounds a little Jon Bovi/Rick & Morty. One of my favourite tracks.

The party was in no need of reignition. No one asked for that. But Slipp don't give a hoot as he drops Bouncin' right on your badonky donk. The calm atmospheric high's that are becoming a theme are here again as are the lazors and zaps. 

Dusk takes us into the dark rooms of the underground club. The metallic intro turns into a synthesised bomper of a tune that at the very least makes you swing your head around a bunch.

In relation to other tracks on this album Paranoid come across with wickedly dark atmospheres. The vocals are well timed and add a little extra spice when they pop up. The main lead carries through for the entire track.


If you want some sorta soft, sorta psychedelic and very groovy tech then I can't recommend this enough.  Aussie's do tech well and almost always get the low nice and thick while leaving plenty of space for the mids and highs to shine. 





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Pstump    0

Assuming that you already have a copy, but email me at pstumpman@gmail.com if you would like a free download! 

I really appreciate the write up and have shared it on socials.

Thanks Tsotsi! 


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