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  1. Hey gang! I've just released a new EP on the Next Levelists bandcamp. "A fresh little EP from my world to yours - I hope you dig it <3 Playtime - Just after graduating university, I found myself living in a shed at the misso’s sharehouse. I wrote this track for Earth Frequency 2020, which little did i know, would be the last open air festival before covid restrictions really kicked in. It’s been a work in progress ever since that festival, until now… that i've decided to let this baby fly! Dodgy Fairy - We live in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, and we’re a bunch of Dodgy Fairies. Capiche? Nostalgia - Dedicated to all of the lovers who have spent time on a Logman n Pstump dancefloor over the years. Not all of them are still with us, with this song we remember you. Production, Mastering, Artwork - Sam Lilburn aka Sammy Pstump" Bandcamp is waiving their revenue fee from midnight pacific time tonight for a whole 24 hours - grab a copy then to directly support the label :) https://nextlevelist.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgia Thanks and muchos love international fam <3 Sammy
  2. Pstump

    Slipp - Circuits

    Assuming that you already have a copy, but email me at pstumpman@gmail.com if you would like a free download! I really appreciate the write up and have shared it on socials. Thanks Tsotsi! Pstump <3
  3. The Next Levelists present: Sprung by Horuscope Sprung is the latest release from James Lond (Horuscope). This EP was created from the necessity to experiment and create a new sound. Filled to the brim with field recordings from James' travels, Sprung explores different textures and moods, taking the listener on a journey from start to finish. 80% of the profits from this release will be donated to the Australian River Restoration Centre - an organisation implementing on-ground river rehabilitation projects and stakeholder engagements around the Canberra region. You can read into their work here: arrc.com.au Link to buy: https://nextlevelist.bandcamp.com/album/sprung Out now on Bandcamp - all major streaming platforms on the 11th October 2019
  4. Sammy Pstump's (from Logman n Pstump) newest release comes in the form of Psy-Tek adventure... Spazmo's debut album "Circuit" presents an ardent reflection of life. Bizarre, brave, chaotic, refined. An exploration of the never ending cycle. Another lap around the rock. How's ya lifestyle. Networks made, tested, amplified, modulated, broken. Contact imminent, illusions confirmed. Plans made, goals abandoned. Day for it. Heart open and mind operational, portal wide, harmony. Secure connection. Circuit. Melodic, soulful, tantalizing, introspective. Follow the link below to grab a copy - also available on Spotify etc. https://nextlevelist.bandcamp.com/album/circuit https://soundcloud.com/spazmomusic/circuit-album-mix <3
  5. Hey guys. The new Logman n Pstump album is out now on Next Level records. Head to the page and have a geeze. https://nextlevelrecords.bandcamp.com/ Next Level Records are also looking for new talent. Writing next level choons? Send us a message at: https://www.facebook.com/nextlevelists/ Love Sammy
  6. Yo dudes Got a fresh new mix up on soundcloud - if you would like a free download then please hit us up on SC or on here and we can send you a link to download Also: New Logman n Pstump album out now through kinematic records. get on it! https://kinematicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-rise-and-fall-of-the-flagon Cheers Pstumpy
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