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"V/A - Trancefusion Chapter 1"

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Artist: Various
Title: Trancefusion Chapter 1
Label: BMSS Records
Date: February, 2017

1. Me and My Misunderstood Something - Electrypnose
2. Inner Call - Aumni
3. The Voice of the Universe (Lupin Remix) - The Key
4. Makaranga - Ascent
5. In My Head - Shivatree
6. Three Panthers - Mystic
7. Nothing But the Truth - Hujaboy
8. Quantum Flashes - Reversed Logic
9. Glowsticks - Psilocybian
10. Beyond That Door - Dark Nebula, Datacult



Smell dat?  That smells like malpractice mixed with a little negligence.  What we've got here is a bit of a mess.  I mean the beginning of the comp was interesting with an Electrypnose funky electro house effort (please forgive my insatiable need to classify) sounding a lot like Talpa, but then the energy is wasted with a snoozer of a nothing track by Aumna.  The compiler must've felt things were going sideways because the resident was kicked out of the ER and the attendings took over.  The patient shows some life with the next several tracks with Makaranga showing Ascent at the top of his game.  Beautifully dark psy-gressive track that oozes quality.

Unfortunately while the doc's were in the hallway hi-fiving and making plans on which female interns to run a Devil's Triangle with nobody was watching the patient.  Galloping basslines were not treated and predictable buildups (Three Panthers) spiked and they couldn't stop the bleeding.  The chief of surgery (Hujaboy) was brought in to work a miracle, but with just a few days until retirement let's just say that this wasn't his strongest effort.  


So the patient is seizing, attendings don't know what to do, and the chief of surgery has thrown in the towel.  Nothing left but take selfies over the dead body and post on twitter with the hashtag #Neverfoget.  Sure Dr. Logic and Dr. Psilo tried their best, but all their work was tepid at best.  They called the TOD for this comp and made dinner plans.  Dr. Nebula turn out the light when you leave. 

And he did.


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