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"V/A - Retrodelic Vibes 6 Vintage Memories

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Trance2MoveU    357


Artist: Various
Title: Retrodelic Vibes 6 - Vintage Memories
Label: Avatar Records
Date: July, 2018

1. Chromium Dioxide - Three State Logic
2. Venus Zen - Encens
3. Vermillion - BIC
4. Alfalfa - Amanite FX
5. Chinese Whispers - Synchro
6. Rakshas - Asia 2001
7. Moonstone - Spectral
8. Spellbound - Cwithe
9. S.E.T.I. - Psychaos
10. Animal People - Cydonia
11. Tribal Tool - Shakti Twins
12. The Beauty and the Beast (Total Eclipse Remix) - Sven Vath
13 Superluminal - Nucleus
14. Domino Effect - ManMadeMan & Domino

As a collector of many things goa I was happy that there was another volume of the RV series and yet equally disappointed that it was only a digital version.  Oh well no big deal...I think I can keep my OCD in check.  For a little while.  Anyway like all the previous entries in this series you have a few well known bangers, some not so well known and apparently some that weren't even released.  The album itself is decent even without any stellar tracks because let's be honest...we have mined those hills for a long time and there just might not be any absolute stormers left uncovered.  And therein lies the rub.  If you're reading this then most likely you have most of these tracks.  So as much as I appreciate the effort, this compilation really isn't that necessary.  Still...any chance I get to rock out to Animal People I'm gonna do it.



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Aspartic    64

As a goa enthusiast, but not knowing a lot about the past, this is a welcome review and recommendation.
I really like what I hear, so keep em coming, T2MU!

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