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We Come In Peace

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My 1st track in Reason 10 (and 2nd track since I came back to writing music).

It's an old-school psychedelic trance, probably a bit too dense & complex for its own good, but that's the way I like it :)

I've been using Reason for a year now, coming from Live 10 & Bitwig 2 (still use them all interchangeably) and really love this DAW and where it's going! The track uses mostly native instruments & FX, some rack extensions* (Parsec, The Legend, FM4, Synchronous, Polar, Fat Space, GQ-7, Distillery) and 2x instances of Phoscyon VST. It was made and is running (without any bouncing to audio) on a Surface Pro 4 i7 with Bayerdynamics DT-990Pro. Yeah, that's my "studio" :D

* Rack Extensions are 3rd party "plugins" native to Reason, e.g.: https://shop.propellerheads.com/rack-extension/expanse-hyperwave-synthesizer/

Anyway, comment and feedback will be greatly appreciated!


For those interested, here's a video of early draft of the track running in Reason:


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