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Doofs down under?


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heya guys

dont know if this goes here or in offtopic 

so ive moved to melbourne for atleast a couple of years maybe more. going for a zenon party (rynasouras) on the 21st of september which i think is at a  club but i would need a fix of them bush doofs in the outback 

let me know if one of you doofers are in or around melbourne 

pm me preferably 



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Yooo, Hope you didn't move from NNSW or QLD, way more doors there. You'll find yourself in more clubs than doofs, though the club scene is easily the best. Check My Aeon and Wherever they are doing Progression Sessions. You surely already know about Rainbow and earth core (Fuck Earthcore). Try join a Facebook page called 'Melbourne doofers', more shit talk than events but still the main source for info... and shit talk.

There are some decent small doofs that get organised but a lot through world of mouth, there is a dude called Joel Tiger De Ross who is super nice and will probe message you back with information if you ask. He is pretty deep in the Vic scene.

Good luck, sorry I couldn't actually help you out with any decent doofs. Welcome to VIC.

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thank you for the welcome and the information tsotsi! really appreciate  it 

im going to My Aeon for the Ryanasouras gig and really looking forward to it 

ive sent you a pm mate have a look!!! 

cheers mate

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Not the best time to be in Australia. Problems with authorities have really dampened things. Sydney is recovering with a slowly growing underground of younger people (working amongst some frustrating situations with police) but in Melbourne they've been hit hard by the issues with Maitreya (partly architected their own downfall) and even more so Yemaya (which is a tragic story). In Melbourne during peak outdoor season you used to get 2-4 parties a month, now there's only a few good underground parties a year.

Melbourne has a good week-to-week indoor scene. It's not the same but it's something. Parties in Sydney are more sporadic outside of one regular monthly but I'm hearing there's more bush parties happening up there than Melb which is a surprise.

The music is much heavier in Sydney. It's past the peak of an extended hi-tech phase that lasted too many years, but still heavier than Melb for the most part and has been for some time.

I miss home sometimes but am happy riding this phase out in London. Change of state government in NSW in March could help Sydney a lot, but there's no guarantee it turns in to good outcomes in a policing sense.

I have connections in both cities. PM me if you're not yet settled and need help.

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