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Chromatone - Wasabi

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Artist: Chromatone
Title: Wasabi
Label: Nano Records
Date: May, 2018

1. Chroma Corona
2. Closing In Fast
3. World In Flames
4. 88MPH (Rmx)
5. Psypress Pill (Wasabi Remix)
6. Alpha Drops
7. Attack of Killer Track
8. Wasabeast
9. B Ware of Square
10. Dub Divider


"If my calculations are correct when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious sh*t!"

I have so much forgotten music on my computer that this is what it feels like when trying to get through it all.  But this was a pleasant surprise.  I love finding older albums that hold up well and this offering from Lawrence Ezra Hoffman (USA!) does just that.  It is full-on all the way, but with that rich, full Nano sound.  So many textures to pull your focus in every direction with great breaks.  No linear psytrance here as the music bounces from phrase to phrase alternating between liquid and sharp sounds with Psypress Pill being my favorite.   If you're a fan of Nano or the artist and like that lush full-on then don't hesitate to pick this one up. 



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