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Veasna - Spectral Flux


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Artist: Veasna
Title: Spectral Flux
Label: Neogoa Records
Date: June, 2018

01 - CP46TA
02 - Lobotomites
03 - Telepathy
04 - Spectral Flux
05 - Aviation
06 - Exosphere
07 - Voyager 1
08 - Wormhole
09 - Lost In Space

"It is not an argument...one is clearly right and the other is clearly wrong!"


Is there anything Tyrion can't do?  Good things certainly come in small packages, but alas Veasna is Patrick Dinklage not Peter.  This is his second album and I'm not going to be too wordy with my description of what can be found within, but I will say I was impressed.  Well, after listening to the first track...


my skepticism grew.  Eyes were turned sideways.  I mean this is the definition of a "meh" track.  And the key changes in the latter bits?  Et tu, Neogoa?

But, no that disappointment was short lived and he came back with solid tracks the rest of the way through.  Lobotomites was very GMS sounding combining liquid goa with a heavy dose of psychedelia.  Telepathy came with the growl and shriek and Exosphere had an odd sounding progressive vibe, but that 303 growl quickly stole the show.  That said my favorite has to be Aviation.  The M-run groove was well represented here and had me dancing around the room like a crazy person.

It does what you would expect a goa trance album to do in this modern era without over reaching.  Solid without being spectacular.


Neogoa Bandcamp

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Ah Neogoa, ol reliable. Not only are their darker releases always full of thumping forbearance but they also come equipped with album covers that Ray Charles could appreciate. Every NeoGoa release should be as instantly bought as a jar of Vegemite in Stockholm. Real fast. No deliberation, show those Swedes that there is more to life than salted liquorice. 

Onto the album

CP46TA - A wicked track that would be the perfect theme for standing over a city and casting a spell of contagious raunch on it’s citizens. Because that is what this song is, pure energetic earthiness.

Lobotomites - More acidic, more knob turning more opportunity to lose yourself. The perfect song to forget yourself to at 2 am on a dance floor.

Telepathy - Banger, I don’t now what to say I guess this is why T2MU didn’t hit each song up. Every element of Telepathy gives me little eargasms.

Spectral Flux - Nice intro, great bassline, hard kicks and a wild trip. I could skip my morning coffee for this track everyday. I know what your thinking ‘Woah Tsotsi, skip your morning coffee? You crazy son’. Well I’m in Sweden, there’ll be more coffee later. Oh wait this isn’t my blog. Great great crazy track.

Aviation - Intro full of funk. Song full of wild whips of sound zooping all over the place. Aviation has me flying.

Exosphere - No messing about, straight into the trance. Synthy house vibes. Rawness, acid and melodies end up defining this track

Voyager 1 - OOOOOH you know he got the breaks. Wouldn’t mind if it was just a track full of breakbeat. But Veasna aint here to play around. Veasna here to make you move. More floaty than the other previous tracks, but still with a nice emotional final act.

Wormhole - A toned down kick drum allows the other layers to truly take centre stage here. Less energetic than the rest of the album as Veasna starts to tone it down.

Lost In Space - Oh looks like I get my downtempo breakbeat after all. A nice final song to ease us out of the last 8 tracks of raw madness. Plenty of changes keep things interesting as the mysticism keeps going up and up.


I don’t know why I didn’t lose my mind the first time I heard this. Veasna develops each song like a true pro with wild moments scattered throughout each track.

It feels like a release that is right up NeoGoa’s alley. Each one of these tracks would create euphoria on the dance floor, there’d be arm flailing, whooping, hugging and dancing. Well done to Veasna on a great release and NeoGoa for another addition to many of our collections.


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