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Mad Tribe ‎- Amazing tales from outer space

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Manuser    237

TIP Records


1. Amazing Tales from Outer Space 08:20    
2. Mad Robots 08:06    
3. Out of this World 08:41    
4. Drop The Bomb 08:09    
5. Electric Kool A(c)ID Test 07:43    
6. LSD Party (Kicking In) 08:36    
7. LSD Party (Meltdown) 08:12    
8. Joint O’Clock 07:40    
9. Party Planners 08:11

Mad Tribe is a collaboration between Space Tribe and Mad Maxx (Olli Wisdom and Max Peterson). 
The modern TIP records trademark is in full force and well executed. The thick bass, powerful kicks, banging psychedelic atmospheres and science fiction vocal samples. I must say the opening track is all you need to know about the sound but I was particularly amazed by track 2 and its crazy psychedelic depth. From here on out it gets difficult to comment much, simply because the album reaches a high standard and never drops from it. I also very liked the two LSD tracks. It is a strong album overall, even though I would be happy with less vocal samples.

No surprise here and nothing too subtle, but simply highly professional psytrance that should please all the fans of this sound. 

To buy > https://tiprecords1.bandcamp.com/album/amazing-tales-from-outer-space

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Penzoline    330

Really, really good psytrance. I love these bubbling and rattling climaxes.

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