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SAAFI BROTHERS - The Quality Of Being One: Remixes Part 2

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Saafi Brothers 'The Quality Of Being One: Remixes Part 2'
Liquid Sound Design Records

**Featuring remixes by Gabriel Le Mar, Klopfgeister, Vlastur, Kuba, Koan, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth & Grey, Henning Richter, Erot, Backstage Gurus and by Saafi Brothers.

Saafi Brothers music has not only stood the test of time but has elevated itself through the years into unimaginable higher spheres. They walk a deep line between trippy vibes and blissed out beats. The origins of Saafi Brothers are long and storied, their brand of smoky, world-weary ambient dub first arising from the legendary label Blue Room Released UK with their still today classic psy dub album “Mystic Cigarettes“. Saafi Brothers quickly make their way into the hearts of music lovers.

Soul-wrenching deep ambient tunes are layered gently into tranced and bassy beats on their new album
"The Quality of Being One“. The remix album reflects on the story of "The Quality of Being One" from different angles, as each of the original songs are deconstructed and thus mixed differently. Overall the collection spans a wide range of moody remixes, from abstract excursions to functional floor keepers to detached sentiences in dub: soothing, hypnotic, futuristic, engaging and exhilarating – encapsulating chilled out soundscapes and deep chunky progressive beats.

The 11 remixes are very skillfully put together and are a true feast for your ears; with remixes in a variety of genres such as IDM, Chillout, Dub and Techno, yet successfully staying true to the original vibe of the album. This unique collection takes you on a magical sonic journey you can’t resist.

Big thanks & respect goes out to all remixing artists!

Listen to and order the album from LSD Bandcamp

or... order from all your favourite online shops or listen on Spotify

Get 'THE QUALITY OF BEING ONE' Bundle special and save 20% !!

You get 'The Quality Of Being One' original release on physical CD
and downloads of both Remixes Part 1 & Remixes Part 2
this includes all the remixes by:
Tripswitch, Youth, Cosmic Trigger, Gabriel Le Mar, Klopfgeister, Vlastur, Kuba,
Koan, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Roeth and Grey, Henning Richter,
Erot, Backstage Gurus and by Saafi Brothers

Order yours now on Bandcamp



Website: www.le-mar.de/projects/saafi-brothers
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SaafiBrothers

Liquid Sound Design FB: www.facebook.com/LiquidSoundDesign
Triskele Management FB: www.facebook.com/triskelemanagement





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