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Artist: Fractal Vivesection

Album: Through The Vortex

Label: Timewarp

Release November 25, 2013


There's something deeply alluring about the sort of main room goa trance that Fractal V put out on this album. If Goa was the sort of genre that had big 6 month promotions for stadium shows in capitol cities, Fractal V would be headlining. This is full power orchestral trance that blasts you through vortex after vortex with non stop energy pulsing through you. The use of vocals is Al Dente, the looping in some parts of the song could come across as repetitive to some but for me it just adds to the intensity of the builds. The variety between tracks is just right with each one being equally as uplifting as the last.

Interplanetary Voyage - Alarmingly sweet. We are introduced to the album, and before we know it shot into interplanetary space. An entrancing album opener that leaves me open for more.

Traveling Apart - Diffidently amazing. an absolute orchestral treat for our ears. We have guitar, strings and vocals, with nothing overused. My favourite on the album for sure with full jumping up and down a part of the package.

Interstellar Gliding - Shockingly good, i love the phaser sounds at the start, cutting through the air like it aint a thing. The singing comes through the same, cutting its way above the track and floating through the air. One of my favourite tracks on the album. image.png.63718b408f269f3a3cfe94139993fecf.png

My Name is Trance - Terribly enjoyable. The vocals lift me up and send me floating through trance land. The main lead is a little much after a while but when  it leaves the rest of the song doesn't let up and carries it self forward right to a beautiful end.

Molecular Instability - Appallingly ethereal. Here i was thinking that this album was going to be full of lightness. What a goofball, Space isn't full of light. In fact there is more darkness than anything in this universe. More nothing than something. Unlike this track which is most certainly more something than nothing, sneaky little guitar. You'll see. 

Distant Echos - Fearfully soft. Love a long intro, love organic instruments, love builds. love the main break, love the echos. All Bueno over here

Tachyon - Hopelessly wonderful. The string instruments are a treat and leave a little hoping for what is to come. And they do come back in all their grace.

Subconscious Flashback - Timorously pleasant. FV comes in with a slower softer track. The leads go on for like 168 bars before changing, very cool track with a little bit of something special making me raise my hands to the sky all the way to the end.

Travelling Apart (Part 2) -Diffidently sensational. A floating outro eases us out of the many vortex's we have been shot through. 3:18 isn't quite enough to slow my heartbeat down but it's a start.


Timewarp are tricky to navigate. You find an album, you earmark it for later and before you know it 3 more albums are out that require attention. Then Neogoa release something that is obviously going to poke at you till you give it a listen. Before you know it your 'to listen' list is taking up too many Giga bits and you gotta start fresh. Into the Vortex was a complete chance listen one night before going to bed but which ensured i did not go to bed. A complete surprise. If you are a full powered trance fan who can go an hour without letting themselves up from a punchy kick, then this album is for you.





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I remember it was an instant-buy when I first stumbled upon it. However, I gotta say it didn't age too well.

Track 6 ("Distant Echoes") is the perfect example for what my issues are with this album... this starts off MASSIVE, like really, the first 5 and a half minutes are pure bliss and some of the best trance I know. Atmospheric intro, very powerful driving kick and bassline, melodies building up slowly and everything that's added makes perfect sense. I'm not a big fan of vocals, but here they just fit and work extremely well. Starting at minute 5 is frankly one of my favorite melodies in all of goa trance. But what happens then? Going into minute 6, it appears the artist was all out of ideas and what's supposed to be a "turn of events" (I guess?) just feels out of place and also too cheesy for my likes. This track is really begging to be remixed (J.I.S. or Ephedra come to mind :D )...

Anyway, that was for one track. In summary, good stuff on this album, but it could be a lot better. That also goes for the audio quality, which isn't the greatest at all.

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