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Paul Eye

Aikahattu 5th Anniversary / Night Side (dark goa / psytrance)

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Paul Eye    446

For the past 5 years we've had a small and intimate, mostly oldschool themed party each summer in a suitably remote island (2012-2013) / beach (2014->) location here in Helsinki, usually around the middle/end of August when the nights are getting a bit darker again. Since 2015 it's been a 2 night event, and my set here is from the first night this year. I played a mostly improvised 02-04 night set, decided to skip all the cosmic swirling fluff, and went instead for a 2 hour all-out twisted mindfuck journey. It screams, screeches and growls and gets obnoxiously loud and in your face with a sledgehammer at times. This is as close to my personal definition of "night time psychedelic dance music" as it currently gets. Of course the goa trance backbone is still there, I'll never let go of that.
Feedback after the gig was nothing but positive, <3 to everyone involved. Here's to another 5 years :)

Space Tribe - The Future's Right Now
Tarsis & DJ Kaya - A Higher Form Of Life
Hux Flux - Idiot
Hux Flux - Alkaloid
Cosmosis - Pigs In Space
Infected Mushroom - Return Of The Shadows
Infected Mushroom - Psycho
Xenomorph - Antimatter
Tim Schuldt - Pretty Poison
Slide - The Search
Lunar Asylum - Bubble
Bamboo Forest - Xplorer
Xenomorph - Shaari Avadon
Pigs In Space - Solar
Darshan - Tranceformation
ECT - Helpless (2012 Remaster)


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Paul Eye    446
5 hours ago, Manuser said:

Very good set! Never heard Antimatter before, shame on me.

Thanks :)
Antimatter, and Shaari Avadon too, are from the Qlippoth album.

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