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song of the year...


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People can u tell what's your fav song made in precise year?

U can name 1 song from 1 year. I can name only 2:

1994 - The Muses rapt - Spiritual Healing

1995 - Hallucinogen - Shamanix


What are your favourites ??

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I always find so hard to choose a particular song..


as a matter of fact, I find it hard even to do a top 10 =)

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Guest The Invisible Man

1994 - The Muses Rapt "Afternoon Trip"

1995 - Hallucinogen "LSD"

1996 - Juno Reactor "Rotorblade"

1997 - California Sunshine "Summer 89"

1998 - Shpongle "Behind Closed Eyelids" (but of course, the whole album is the best electonica/psychedelic experience ever)

1999 - Infected Mushroom "Bust a Move"

2000 - Logic Bomb "Shadow of the Beast"

2001 - Alien Project "Mystery of Crystall Skulls - The First Revelation"

2002 - Shpongle "Secret of Crystal Skulls - The Seventh Revelation"

2003 - Deedrah "Groove Shadow"

2004 - Prometheus "OK Computer"



of course, its all a matter of opinion ;)

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1996: Hallucinogen - Shamanix

1997: Hallucinogen - Gamma Goblins Part 2

1998: X-Dream - Electromagnetic

1999: Hux-Flux - Calculus

2000: Infected Mushroom - Bust A Move

2001: Logic Bomb - The Third Revelation

2002: Mr Peculiar - What is Real?

2003: Younger Brother - Weird on a Monday Night

2004: Rinkadink - Rabbit From Darkside (whole album rules)


This is the tracks I remember I enjoyed very much in that specific year.

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Guest Moongoose



98:california sunshine-rain

99:blue planet corp.-crystal

00:logic bomb-shadow of the beast

01:s-range-morning star

02:logic bomb-drop by anytime

03:rastaliens-2 da max

04:rinkadink-tune from childhood


these are some trax i find good,but there are so much more.........

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Guest staffan

maybe these are...??


93: genetic - transmissions

94: hallucinogen - lsd

95: total eclipse - le lotus bleu

96: infernal machine - the loin sleeps tonight

97: process & tristan - dealing with deamons

98: beast - spawn

99: atmos - so nice you name it twice

00: koxbox - crunchy moles

01: doof - the second revelation

02: younger brother - the finger

03: eat static vs. man made man - regen

04: prometheus - ok computer

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Is Genetic's Trancemission that old??!!

Well, if it is then it certainly deserves to have the title

of the best song of 1993. Forget Juno Reactor's High Energy protons,

it's the Genetic who kicked ass in 1993!! =D

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  • 3 years later...

I'm sorry to say this, BUT I think that Rinkadink sucks!!!

If it's the best music of 2004, then good trance is dead!

hahaha :D I was sucha rebel back then...


And wrong too. Spiritual Healing mos'def is not from '94 and Shamanix was released '94 on blue comp vinyl version.


Here's what the (at the moment quite incomplete) psy oriented list would look these days:




93: Up Above The World - Straight Up Caffeine

94: Hallucinogen - LSD

95: Pleiadians - Pleiadians

96: Etnica - Vimana

97: Ubar Tmar - Electric Voodoo Man

98: X-Dream - Electromagnetic

99: Etnica - Nice Toy

00: Logic Bomb - Shadow of the Beast





05: Aavepyörä - Kuuntele Tää


07: Vibrasphere - Erosion


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1991 - Planet B.E.N.- welcome to the future

Speedy J- evolution

1992 - Sven Vath- ritual of life

Barbarella- my name is barbarella

Dance 2 Trance- hello San Francisco

1993 - X Dream- the 5th dimension (live in Paris)

Laurent Garnier- wake up

Choice- acid eiffel

1994 - Slinky Wizard- wizard

Man With No Name- teleport

Sulfurex- point break

1995 - Etnica- mystical appearance in Goa

Solar Quest- harmonation

1996 - Pleiadians- time dilation

Technossomy- V.T.O.L.

Syb Unity Nettwerk- tripperspaced

Etnica- vimana

1997 - Crop Circles- antonomasia

Prana- scarab (Green Nuns of the Revolution remix)

Lotus Omega- 100% revital free

Pleiadians- electra

1998 - Stoop & Fidget- mudless

Tandu- alien pump

1999 - Chi A.D.- celestial

Etnica- mind altering drugs

2000 - Ra- R.O.M.

2001 - Josh Wink- evil acid

Benza- west into the sun

2002 - X Dream- no process

2003 - Ethereal- radiator

2004 - Goasia- paranoid

Filteria- operation pulse

2005 - Battle of the Future Buddhas- AM radio

Duck Off- Mozart firefox

2006 - Koxbox- acid drome / voices of

June Rashava & Senzar- beautiful you

2007 - Goasia- sunrise


This is merely a fraction of what I wanted to jot down. I really had to hold my self back here. And I decided to avoid techno as well.

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