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Agrabah - Pharaohs of the Galaxy

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Trance2MoveU    372


Artist: Agrabah
Title: Pharaohs of the Galaxy
Label: Sita Records
Date: June, 2017

1. Visitors
2. Pharaohs of the Galaxy
3. Endless Sunshine
4. The Freeman
5. Destination Moon
6. Schrödinger's Camel
7. A Tale of Blue and Orange
8. Inside the Magic Lamp
9. Cyclamen


Anyone else have trouble spelling Pharaohs?  It's that f*cking a before o that gets me.  All right here's what I know about Sita Records.  They don't release a lot of stuff.  They are different than the other labels when it comes to goa trance, releasing music that is more nitzhonot or uplifting in nature.  Now that may or may not be your thing.  I don't know what you're into.  Probably some kinky sh*t that you don't want your mom to find out about.  Worry not, your secret is safe with me. 

As I've stated previously it's hard to take Nitzho seriously with all its rampaging melodies and laser kicks.  Agneton seems to really enjoy it though.  Have you seen his Facebook videos?  That dude is hype!  Anyhow this up and coming project successfully blends goa and nitzhonot so that it's not a total cheesefest.  The album is short coming in at under 60 minutes. Power is there, melodies of course, and I think if there was a soundtrack to Middle East life this might be it.  It's hard not to nod your head to this and as usual with this label the sound quality is top notch.  I don't know what the bpm's were on Inside the Magic Lamp, but if you're not careful listening to it while driving a ticket could be in your future.  Normally I don't like my music moving at the speed of freefall, but this was pretty cool and intense. That said there are tracks where the niztho buildup envelope is pushed almost to the breaking point (Schrodinger's Camel), but those were rare.  The wheel wasn't reinvented with this album, but I did enjoy it's pace and the melody work even if sometimes it threatened to go off the rails.


Sita Records Bandcamp



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winterelegy    17

I checked this one out on the sole basis that it was from Sita and had Pharaoh in the title. I liked it quite a bit, lots of good old school sounds in there, some very similar to Man With No Name and with great modern production.  The composition didn't blow me away but the sounds and overall vibe are right on the money.

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