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Frantic Noise - Trance Nodriza


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Artist: Frantic Noise

Title: Trance Nodriza

Label: Dark Prisma Records

Date: 2017


Actual footage from inside the recording studio.

Imagine every electrical appliance in your kitchen suddenly becoming conscious and deciding that a mechanical orgy of noise and sharp edges was best accomplished at 110 miles an hour.  F*cking Benny Hill trance where the music lives up to the name of the artist.  Why?  How is this enjoyable?  I just watched my toaster oven just hate-f*ck my can opener.  If his mission was to make the most abrasive noise possible at the highest bpm well, mission accomplished.  This isn't music you put on to feel good.  This is what you use to flush out perps in a hostage situation.  Remember how entertaining the Nordland Orchestra was?  Yeah, this ain't that.

Easily the worst thing I've heard this year.



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Flushing out perps. Funny. 

Your can opener is nicer than mine. We literally use the one on my Gerber multitool. I'm not some single dude, I've got a wife and three kids! Sad, I know. 

Anyway, I'm listening to this album right now and it sounds... just like every other hi tech album I've heard. Pretty unremarkable. 

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