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Frozen Ghost - Sin For Dinner


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Artist: Frozen Ghost

Title: Sin For Dinner

Label: Disasterpeace Records

Date: 2009


1. Sour Kangaroo

2. Foxxy Underwear

3. Freakazoid

4. Rapture 2.0

5. Betelgeuse

6. Nine Kinds of Crazy (Cold Turkey)

7. Hiyarant - Smug (Frozen Ghost Remix)

8. Arranged

9. Sin For Dinner


"I used to be beautiful.  What happened to me?!?"





Loud.  Drenched in acid.  Funky as f*ck.  Madness.  Relentless.  Thumping.  Temple pounding brain shredder.  All avid descriptions of the insanity that Barry Wynne has created over the years.  If you like South African psytrance with all of the qualities I listed above then this should be right in your wheelhouse.  Think the Midnight Storm series rolled in cocaine.  This was a digital release in only 256 mpbs quality 8 years ago, but recently he offered it for free in Wav quality.  Unfortunately I can't locate it any longer, but here are some spots you can get it. 


One other thing to note, the Wav version differs from the one released in 2009.


German Amazon I think


DJ Shop


Dj Tunes


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