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Artist: Ovnimoon

Title: Voyage

Label: Ovnimoon Records

Date: May, 2017


1. Mystica (feat. Moon Tripper)

2. Be Human (feat. Spiritual Mode)

3. Asension (Ovnimoon album Mix)

4. Voyage

5. This Makes Sense To Me

6. The Honest Meditation

7. Tranceport

8. Universal Healing Transmission (feat. Spirit Architect)

9. Dance With The Creator (feat. The Digital Blonde)



Hector Stuardo just keeps chugging along doesn't he?  Since 2006 he has released an album every year or every other year not to mention all his compilation work.  Dude's a machine.  And it wouldn't be such a big deal if half of them were sh*tty, but he puts out quality music each and every time.  This album comes on the heels of his last two (Holistic, Trancemutation of the Mind) that have been firmly planted on goa soil.  Sure his bass lines aren't very varied, but to me that's the only minor flaw located within.  He has this ability to slowly carry you into goa bliss with his melodies, turning the cutoff knob ever so slowly.  While he doesn't overload you with melodies he does more with less, building layers around that bass line. The sound is always immaculate and with both the upper and bottom end represented well.


Another home run for me. 


Ovnimoon Bandcamp





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I have grown to love Ovnimoon immesurably! Sometimes I listen to a couple of his albums in a single day when Im in the mood!


Anyway, the album. I actually like it more than Trancemutation of The Mind. It is more agressive in nature and that suits me more. Everything that Ovnimoon makes is gold!

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