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Trancient - Energetic Flow

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Artist: Trancient

Title: Energetic Flow

Label: Flatlife Psy Global

Date: February, 2013


1. Investigating My Consciousness

2. Ajja Ojjo

3. Before Time

4. Mood Morning Magic

5. Resinating

6. Shamaans Passings

7. Xmind

8. Space Cosmonaut

9. Magier




I'll be totally honest with you here...I'm not 100% sure where I got this from.  Sure I linked to Beatport, but it could just as easily been shoe horned into some malware after someone who definitely wasn't me visited all those porn sites.  Damn shame.


Originally I was attracted to the psychedelic cover art and that's how they get you isn't it?  Please it's how thousands of horror movies exist on Netflix.  I'd actually been meaning to review this for a couple of years, but it's so vanilla that I simply could not make it through to the end.  Every time I would try I would ask myself what the f*ck I was doing and feel shame.  Like my mom caught me masturbating.  Track after track of non-distinguishable sounds and psytrance stereotypes.  If the track was 8 minutes long then it was...about 7 and a half more than I could take.  And it's not even terrible it's just...generic.  It's like looking at the face of that Lego guy.  The label had a short shelf life so maybe it's for the best.




"Hi.  I'm Trancient."

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