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"V/A - The Jury"


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Artist: Various

Title: The Jury

Label: Nexus Media

Date: August, 2016


1. Technicolor - Plastik

2. Orca - Unleashed

3. Mad Science - War is Law

4. CoRupt Vs. Shift - Voice of Reason

5. Shift - Kapitol (Deliriant vs Iliuchina Remix)

6. Aptitude - The Aliens

7. Dissy - Never Give Up

8. Xatrik - Space Invaders

9. Iliuchina - After Infinity V2.0 (Rabdom L Remix)

10. Demosys - Shameless

11. Abomination - Fallen (Brain Attack Remix)

12. Alienn - Gaming Time

13. The Commercial Hippies - The Belly Of The Beast" (Shift Remix)

14. Stereopanic Vs. Shameless - Mayhem

15. Zion Linguist - Prisoner

16. Cybernetix - The Grid

17. Dyce - Neverland




You are not alone.


What was once a titan in the South African psytrance scene with releases like the Midnight Storm series and numerous other stellar compilations and albums has been reduced to a minute Facebook/Beatport presence.  As my country's bloated, verbally challenged, orange dictator would say...sad.  And it is sad, because at one time this label was the end all and be all of hard rockin, minor key melodic bombastic psytrance.  Now just because the label doesn't have a dominating web presence doesn't mean they cannot deliver the psychedelic goods.  And with that spirit I wanted to check out this release.




Reality slapped me in the face pretty quickly.  First off it's digital only and that's fine.  Save the planet and sh*t.  Second there are seventeen tracks so it's a large one.  Back in their prime I would've bet the mortgage that the lion's share of them would be brain melting blasters.  Alas times change and it is simply not the case.  None of the tracks have the storytelling gravitas of the old days.  Most are masquerading as "night time" full-on complete with stops, starts, build ups, and annoying melodies.  This is a watered down neutering of what was once a dominant label, but we'll always have Midnight Storm.


$16.99 for this digital disappointment?  GTFOH  

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