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"V/A - Cryptographic"


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Artist: Various

Title: Cryptographic

Label: Medusa Records

Date: June, 2006


1. Inner Action - Drops of Sunshine

2. Beyondecliptica - Medusa Pt. 1

3. Painkiller - Electrical Charge

4. Xenzodiak - The Seed Of Etzab13

5. Bio Genesis - Harmonic Chaos

6. Horus - Telepathic Power

7. Earthling Vs. DJ Torry - Far, Far Away

8. System Brothers - Fresh Memory

9. JP - Power Mesh







Just...no.  This release isn't so terrible that I can start making coaster or frisbee jokes, but it may be one of the most vanilla full-on releases I've heard in a while.  Not a single track distinguishes itself and that's rare.  Usually even the craptacular compilations hitch their wagon to one outstanding track.  It has all the stops and starts, build ups, and triplets that you expect any mid 2000's release to have without being mind-numbingly terrible.  But this...nothing.  Bland music that could've come in a brown paper bag.


It's not at Psyshop, Beatspace, Beatport, or Juno.  Public service I suppose.

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