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"V/A - The Goa Files Vol. 1"


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Artist: Various

Title: Goa Files Vol. 1

Label: Code Vision Records

Date: May, 2017


1. Ultimate Xperience - The Night Creatures (III)
2. OOOD - Silence (2017 Reboot)
3. Goasia - Analog Steroids
4. M-Run - Alien Brain Train 2017
5. Celestial Intelligence - Phantom Dancer
6. Joyfull Natives - Gate Of Aliens

7. Miranda - Svarg
8. Omnivox - We Are Infinity
9. California Sunshine - Wonderland (2011 Edit)





"It's so weird I've never forgot it."


Well, repetition is a good way to remember things.  But we'll address that later.


This digital compilation arrived out of nowhere from a label that most would be hard pressed to say they had heard of.  Regardless of that fact they seem to have gathered an impressive artist list. 

UX does what he's been doing lately and that's making long, epic tracks that straddle the psytrance goa line.  This has a futuristic vibe with an ethereal voice and driving rhythm.  Pretty good even if it ran a little long.


I wasn't a fan of this reboot of the OOOD track.  I don't know if the original artist was behind the reboot, but gone are the gravitas and melodic momentum that made the original such a bad ass.  No offense to the artist, but this comes off as a weak Talamasca-esque full-on "ing" of a goa trance classic.


The Goasia project fits into an alternative niche in the goa genre.  Often people love them or hate 'em.  They are definitely different then most of the goa producers today and this track is no exception.  It swarms like a uh, swarm waging galactic warfare with a myriad of color.  Outside of the lead melody though it's a little thin.  Nice, but I would've liked more detail.


M-Run has only one album to his credit (still waiting), but what a doozy it was.  With that spirit this track is unmistakable M-run.  Groove intact with sparkly goa madness throughout.  One of my favorites here.


Phantom Stormer blasts right out of the gate with an imminently danceable sound.  Relentless in your face goa trance.


Joyfull Nature is the sole unknown artist represented and this track starts off...well, joyfully.  Not long after it assumes the mystical sound of goa beaches with a gentle flowing motion.  Like a smooth introduction to the goa producers club.  Not bad.


Miranda is back (always a good thing) with a decent if not unremarkable effort.  I liked the weird voice in the background, gave it an air of mystery.


Omnivox absolutely slays with We Are Infinity a track with a boisterous bottom end. 


Closing things out is an older remake of Wonderland by California Sunshine.  Never been a fan of this project and repeating the sample 12 times isn't going to help.  The same sample.


12 times.  That means on average every 43 seconds you hear this sample.  Nephew please.


The background sounds added to the alien feel (if you're in the mood to be funny and I always am it could also sound like cats) and this had the potential to be a creepy success.  Had.


It's a decent comp with 3 or 4 really good tracks and the rest are decent minus the two I obviously had problems with. 





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