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Gataka - In Trance We Trust

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Artist: Gataka

Title: In Trance We Trust

Label: Phonokol

Date: October, 2005


1. Deeper Level

2. Blast From the Past

3. Night Becomes Day

4. Viva La Mexico

5. How To Create A Monster

6. Experience

7. Down To Earth

8. The Mind Twister

9. One Day Ticket

10. Israelizer







Seriously, just...no.


For the longest time I've been calling this label Oh No kol just to remind me of the crap they put out on a consistent basis.  What was once a proud label has devolved into fluffy, full-on eye rolls.  Every single trope is represented here and this confection is about as deep as a petri dish. 


Pretty sure this information is already known by this community, but just in case any newbie stumbles upon this review, do not put your trust in this.

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