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Name the releas(es) that has the most special appearance in your collection


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Hey ! So im gonna update this post as I'm finally after many years going through my collection, carefully. 

This is the special releases I own, be it digital, or physical.. I personally dont own to many "special" digital releases .. .Maybe you do:)
Some of us will own the same release, and perfectly well understand the specialness about it.

Phi - Phinalizer https://www.discogs.com/Phi-Phinalizer/release/342410
~ Because of the hard packaging, and the silky like digi-sleeve cd-protector
Psykovsky - ksolntsu https://www.discogs.com/Psykovsky-Ksolntsu/release/7767658
~ I'd rather not say actually.

Shpongle - Museum of consciousness
~ It's the only 3D covered vinyl I own, and I think the music inside has holographic tendencies.

Digitalis - Collected Vinyl Breaks
~ because it inroduced back the idea of including a dj-mix of the tracks of the release itself, like that 2nd CD sometimes in the old days used to do... See last track: https://sebtaylor.bandcamp.com/album/collected-vinyl-breaks

Any other formats you have that the release is special in design for you? memorystick, Casette...smth else?.. name them if you wish

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WoohA! What an outstanding hardcore Psychedelic Ba-boom album! Ive heard it some here and there throughtout the years, but never had the time/money to get it. It's price is Ok, and the music inside is mad. Would love to hold this release in my hands. Thanks for sharing this, i hope to one day also own it in my collection.


​Its a beauty, for sure. 


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