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Artist: Shivax

Title: Victory Anthems

Label: Sita Records

Date: September, 2014


1. Initiation

2. Unknown Source

3. Ganesha-Shanti (Feat. Agneton)

4. Victory Anthems

5. Acid Horns

6. Filterizations

7. A King's Tribute

8. Agneton - Het Was Zomer (Shivax Remix)

9. The Iron Throne






This is how I feel when I hear it.  Now I love riding coasters so you would think that would be a good thing, but sometimes I find it so exhausting.  Oftentimes I feel it can sound like kiddie music and I don't mean to insult the artists who produce it.  Music is very personal and nitzhonot is an acquired taste.  Sometimes it gets a little too crazy and key changey as it rampages up and down the scales.  Kinda like when the chipmunks do a cover song.  But that's just me and my not so humble opinion.  And that's where I was with his first album.


His second album has shown a little more mastery in blending goa trance with his nitzho and thereby not making it so tiring.  When he gets in a good goa groove he lets it sit there a bit, allowing the listener to fully absorb it before whisking them off on a nitzho tangent.  When he goes full goa trance on tracks like Acid Horn he shines, proving himself more than capable.  For those that like his niztho style he still cranks up the speed and gets to ludicrous speed on tracks like Filterizations and Victory Anthems.  Remixing a pop song is generally a bad idea as they usually turn out to be terrible, but track 9 is his take on the Game of Thrones theme.  It was meh. 


So I would say from a goa lover's perspective this is an improvement over his first album, but not enough to find broad appeal.  If you don't like nitzo, give this one a pass. 


Sita Records Bandcamp






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