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Artist: Shift

Title: Phoenix

Label: Spectral Records

Date: November, 2015


1. Surface Detail

2. Fkn Awsm

3. Doorway to Infinity

4. Phoenix

5. 2 Doesn?t Ants

6. Inversion

7. Go Low

8. Null & Void




"Today's drugs truly work miracles for young and old alike."




Get some from that guy.  Looks like he's got plenty.


Now I would never advocate someone taking drugs, but perhaps he could maybe start with some Red Bull.  The first two tracks sound like a very sanitized version of the music he used to make.  Gone is the barely restrained chaos and thundering kicks and in its place is this commercial sounding music.  This doesn't sound like Shift...This sounds like he lost a bet.  Or he's trying to put his music in a box and it just doesn't fit.  Thankfully it's not all like that.  The title track is a bit of a smasher as is the Ants one.  Get Low has some of that Nexus Media magic he used to display so effortlessly. 


A mixed bag really, but since it's a digital release on Beatport you can choose the good ones.   Welcome back Mr. Hoy!





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