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"V/A - Manga Vol. 2"


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Artist: Various

Title: Manga Vol. 2

Label: Yabai Records

Date: March,  2009


1. Painkiller & Lost & Found - Digitized

2. Digital Talk -Acid Test (Mindcore Remix)

3. B-55 - Miracle Hour

4. Orca - Wire Trip Remix

5. Lost & Found Vs. Frozen Ghost - Rapture

6. Azax Syndrom - Hokuto Shin-Ken

7. Winter Demon - Twisted Image Remix

8. Bliss - Etnix

9. Toxic - The Prayer 2008 Edition






"What happened to the portions?"


Sometimes you just want to get to the meat.  F*ck all that bread nonsense, give me the good stuff!  But see, eat like this guy and the airlines will have you paying for two seats.  Yabai Records has taken an extended hiatus ( I hear they're going to resurface digitally) and I liked to think of them as Timecode East.  Same pumping, dark and melodic psytrance that gets all the neurons firing.  The first installment (Review here) was pretty good whereas the final volume (review here)  was a flaming sh*t show. 


Consider this compilation the goldiilocks of the trilogy.  Kinda.  The true meat is in the middle with acid everywhere; high tempo banging stuff.  It's the beginning and the end where things get a little moldy.   Painkiller  should've never come within 50 feet of Lost & Found and I think based on previous output we knew  Azax  and Bliss were going to cheese it up.   


And...they did.  Oy vey the build ups and samples!  Toxic would answer my prayer if he would cease and desist all construction of this type of music.  This is why I said kinda just right.  Like the first one some good tracks, but not enough to hunt down a copy.

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