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Starkraver    858




1.Above the Skies 2017 (Live Version) [24] 07:52

2.Approaching Nibiru (2017 Version) [24] 07:31

3.Dansul Ielelor (2012 Version) [24] 08:02

4.Dark Corners of the Universe (2017 Version) [24] 07:46

5.Distant Signals (RMX 2017 Version) [24] 07:50

6.Leviathan [24] 07:14

7.Pathfinder (2017 Version) [24] 07:46

8.Telluric Waves (2017 Version) [24] 07:51


E-Mantra is Emanuel Carpus from Constanta / Romania


Hailing from Constanta, a port city on the Black Sea of Romania,

E-Mantra is a seasoned veteran and prolific composer, with several releases on respected labels such as Suntrip and Altar, under a variety of aliases (E-Mantra, Emanuel Carpus, Neurosect, and Night Hex, to name a few).

E-Mantra is always upping his game with each release, making him one of the most revered and respected producers from Eastern Europe, with several thousand followers on Soundcloud, and excellent reviews over the span of his career.

This Release contains several tracks taken from all his 3 previews albums, re-edit and remastered.

A special selection made for the fans as a tribute to a career of more than 10 years of goa trance music.

This is the first part of a series of upcoming releases with re-edit tracks (Downtempo and Uptempo).

E-Mantra wishes to thanks to all the fans, friends and followers during all these years.


Mastering: Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)



Bandcamp link: https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/compendium-vol-i-24bits

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BraneFreeze    27


I like the sound quality on this album. The music really seems to breathe. Not the usual high tempo,

"wall of sound" approach.



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