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Jikooha - Spacemen Underground [Matsuri Digital]

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After 5 years from the previous album, finally Jikooha is releasing their 5th album from a legendary label Matsuri Digital.2 Japanese guys, Jun and Shimodi have been making impressive Goa trance tracks around for 20 years since 97 with their pure punk spirits and loving Goa mind. Producing music with analog gears such as Roland TB-303, SH-101, Korg MS-20, Arp Odyssey and so on.The album is including very hypnotic and acidic 9 tracks with their attitude. This musical journey appears the trust for freedom, mind expansion, and whole one harmonious universe. You can feel and dance to these deep shamanic sounds. So now, open your mind and decode reality!




Release Date : 2017/06/10




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It's proper, I really like it. Got the vibe.


That's all the recommendation that I need :)


BTW, any other worth checking releases that you've been mastering recently? It's easy to overlook something worthwhile in the sea of releases nowadays...

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Ok, heard the samples. Tread very carefully - I didn't liked it at all: very chaotic, disjointed and off-sounding melodies. Listen at your own risk :P


Fair play :) I'm not a fan of every melody in there but for the most part I enjoyed it.

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