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Sidhartha - Reverse Mode

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Artist: Sidhartha

Title: Reverse Mode

Label: Metatron Production

Date: May, 2005


1. Reverse Mode

2. Motion Detector

3. Mars Arrival

4. Inner Voice

5. No Worries

6. Physical Form

7. Sudden Shifts

8. Deep Sonar

9. Psychotic Behaviour

10. Dance With The Stars




Nuno Santos has a long history in the psytrance scene and is well known as a purveyor of the hard hitting acid style.  This was his debut album that unfortunately is showing its age.  It's dark full-on with plenty of psychedelic sounds and lasers, but lacks the punch and bombast of his own later work.  The bass lines are a bit tiresome and most of the tracks sound very similar.  Not really an enjoyable listen. But hey we all gotta start somewhere and he eventually turned it around.



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