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"V/A - Classical Distortions"


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Artist: Various

Title: Classical Distortions

Label: Organik Media

Date: October, 2009


01 - Tickets - E'naxx (Intro)
02 - Principles of Flight Vs Phonic Request - No Sense
03 - EMP - The Wreckoning
04 - Deliriant - Blackout
05 - Zion Linguist - Toy With Your Mind
06 - Chemogen - My First Chemistry Set (Cybernetix Rmx)
07 - Parana - Toccota Infuzued
08 - Solar Axis - Know What I Mean
09 - On - The Dream
10 - Artifakt - The Runner


This was another noble effort to do some good in the world and God knows we could use it.  All the proceeds would go towards repairing South Africa's poorest schools.  I assume that means getting desks, fixing bathrooms, and general maintenance that schools regularly require.  Not getting an armed security guard to protect the students from lions and sh*t. 


Sounds stupid doesn't it?


We actually had the head of the Dept. of Education say that she believed that schools in Wyoming had armed officers present to protect the children from grizzly bear attacks. 




Yep.  Like they're just sitting and waiting for little Timmy to chase the errant kickball into the woods.  This is what happens when you don't fund education yet you spend more money than all countries combined on defense.  Don't know if you follow what the hell is going on over here, but Rome is burning and that orange dipsh*t is holding the book of matches.


I hope a lot of people bought this album because God knows education needs all the f*cking help it can get.  As far as the album goes you can look at the tracklist and see the style of psy they were going for.  There is a mood here and a lot of haunting piano melodies to drive it home.  Enjoyable when it flexes it's Talpa-esque muscle yet annoying when like a toddler it waves it's full-on hard on at the guests who came over for dinner.  And there is a lot of that exhibitionism.  There were parts of tracks that were great, but the converse of that is also true.  Sometimes it achieved its desired effect with the symphonic work and other times it was just outright noisy.  It seemed like the compilation tried to have it both ways.  Full-on while trying to shoehorn a classical bent in the music is a situation where everyone loses. 


Bottom line the tracks just aren't that great to recommend.




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