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"V/A - Erratic Distortion"

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Artist: Various

Title: Erratic Distortion

Label: MMD Records

Date: 2006


1. Lost & Found - Rhythm Machine Stick

2. Phyx - Fall of Babylon

3. Zion Linguist - Masquerade

4. Hiyarant - Mechanism

5. Multistate - Press Any Key

6. Frozen Ghost - Dr. Hooligan

7. The Linguist Vs. The Cell - The Door

8. Hiyarant - Split

9. Sworn - Last Chance

10. Rabdom L - Hidden Land




"Oh hey so uh...wanna try something?"


I think you know that I do.  Another of the less heralded South African labels delivers with some heart pounding night time psytrance.  Thumping music with dark atmospheres is the name of the game.  Another one of these compilations that holds up a decade on.  It's all 140 ish bpms so that might get a little tiresome if you're of the mind to give this a full listen through and they use a lot of similar sounds.  Having said that the tracks are so energetic and powerful a minor quibble as that doesn't bother me.  Like a lot of compilations that offer this style of music it's often drenched in metallic sounds, twisted samples, and forecasts a post-apocalyptic future.  But those basses son!  Also a heavy techno influence here that reminds me of the Artifakt.  Lots of psychedelic madness to be discovered within.  Recommended.





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