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"V/A - Need For Speed II - In Speed of Light"

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Artist: Various

Title: Need for Speed II - In Speed of Light

Label: Metatron Production

Date: May, 2006


1. Burn in Noise - Psy Drugs

2. Z-Machine - East Generation (2006 Dance Mix)

3. Luxor - Mexican Theme

4. Sidhartha - Transform

5. Killer Buds - Organize

6. Technodrome - New York Baby

7. Insane Logic - Face To The Road

8. Karma Crop - Killer Crop

9. Technodrome Vs. Karma Crop - Ignition

10. Nemesis Divine - Last Man Standing




Need for speed?  What the fine folks at Metatron needed to do was slow down and find something other than mediocre run of the mill full-on.  Look we all know what this is and in 2006 it wasn't bad.  Unfortunately it doesn't really hold up today.  Galloping bass lines?  Oh you know that's in here.  Lasers?  Sure, but you like lasers.  Changes in tempo and bass line patterns?  C'mon man...it's 2006.  That's like asking if there are enough guns in the US.  There are parts of tracks which actually do hold up, but they aren't maintained.  In fact some are ruined by stops and starts that were typical back then.  No track development or depth just a quick burst of energy and then on to the next one.  It's the equivalent of bad Chinese food.  Musically you'll be hungry in about 10 minutes and sorry to say, but Fat Kok is the last thing you'll want.


So this is just another disc that will end up on the vast mountain of sh*t I don't have to listen to again.






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