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Outer Signal - Fabric of Space


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Artist: Outer Signal

Title: Fabric of Space

Label: 3D Vision

Date: July, 2009


1. Intrance

2. Synchronizing

3. The Believer

4. Maniac Music

5. Transmission (feat. L.S.Dream)

6. Brain Wave (feat. Bliss)

7. Time Machine

8. The Human Mind

9. Fabric of Space

10. MK 22


What used to be a duo is now the sole project of Gil Stoler.  This is a project which makes the night time psytrance in the vein of Timecode or Yabai Records.  Like a lot of artists there have been some really good tracks and some...not so good.  What I've noticed with this project is that they are heavy with the beat, dark atmosphere, and acid. 




But then they take that good and sh*t all over it with innumerable stops and starts.  Unnecessary buildups and goofy sample manipulation.






So what happens is you listen to the tracks again to see if you can just choke it down like a dry tuna sandwich and enjoy it.  Now your breath smells like tuna and you're not even sure if you liked it or not.  The Believer had me with crazy insanity, bouncy rhythm, and good lead sounds, but then just had to shoehorn all the stops and starts in there to kick momentum right in the tomatoes.  But the majority of the track is so good I find myself choking down another tuna sandwich.  And that's how the whole album is.  I liked the vast majority of it and just had to push past the gag reflex when they did that other nonsense.


Artists, please stop killing flow.  Just rip the governor off the engine and let the beast roar.




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