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Koan - Circe's Touch Remixes Vol. 1

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Artist: Koan

Title: Circe's Touch Remixes Vol. 1

Label: Section Records

Date: December, 2011


1. Circe's Touch (Original)

2. Circe's Touch (Asura Remix)

3. Circe's Touch (Krusseldorf Remix)


Koan is a Russian duo who have been at the forefront of chill-out music.  Have you been to their Discogs page?  Take a look over there and see how many releases they have.  Plenty to explore.  Which lead me to this digital ep.  You get the original of course which is tear jerkingly beautiful and full of emotion. Heavyweight Asura lends a remix and the beauty continues.  By far the most interesting was the deep and warm bass heavy version by Krusseldorf.  Eerie and delightful at the same time.  I was hoping to get most of their albums from their Bandcamp page, but only a few are listed.  Had to go to Beatport.


Check it out.



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