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"V/A - The Forum"


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Artist: Various

Title: The Forum

Label: Big Foot Records

Date: 1997


1. BLT - Soul Sacrifice

2. Allto - Allto

3. Shell Shock - Sunshine on Tokyo

4. P. Cok - Stone

5. Cybel - Kondicaus

6. Cybel - Bizzar

7. Realistic - Hypnotic Dark

8. Deep Blue - Water

9. P. Cok - Beautiful Day





Nice try, but trash can is to the left.


Just wanted to pop in and say a few words about this.  Certainly there have been worse goa trance compilations than this, but is that the bar we're setting for ourselves?  Don't know about you, but ain't nobody got time for mediocre muisc, much less a whole damn album of it.  Most of this is filler without anything remarkable.  No big layers, no driving beats, no total sound immersion... Suppose a couple of tracks can be listened all the way through, but again...low bar.


For a year that is one of the greatest as far as goa trance is concerned nobody's putting this in the hall of fame.

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