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Artist: Various

Title: Gaia Tour

Label: Futuria Productions

Date: February, 1997


1. Manitu - Indian Summer

2. Bamboo Forest - Frogies Airline

3. Hilarium - Hilarium

4. Jaia - Tweested Zone

5. Fuzzy Logic - Spice Invader

6. Alkaloid - Electrode

7. Elixir - Four Dimensional

8. Section X - Jesus Krist

9. Ariane - Second Fly






Man this one swung for the fences and boy did it connect!


This is old school goa trance with wonderful storytelling.  Ripping 303s and convoluted melodies hearken back to the good old days.  There are just so many twists and turns.  Even the tracks that perhaps didn't begin as well turned up the heat near the end.  Now it's not without its blemishes of course.  Jesus Krist wasn't very interesting, but what it lacked in detail it sure made up for in speed.  The closer (made by the same duo) slowed things down to progressive tempo and didn't fit with the vibe of the rest of the album.


But for the most part the CD is full of great tracks that we haven't beaten to death. 

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