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Found 3 results

  1. Artist: Various Title: Gaia Tour Label: Futuria Productions Date: February, 1997 1. Manitu - Indian Summer 2. Bamboo Forest - Frogies Airline 3. Hilarium - Hilarium 4. Jaia - Tweested Zone 5. Fuzzy Logic - Spice Invader 6. Alkaloid - Electrode 7. Elixir - Four Dimensional 8. Section X - Jesus Krist 9. Ariane - Second Fly Man this one swung for the fences and boy did it connect! This is old school goa trance with wonderful storytelling. Ripping 303s and convoluted melodies hearken back to the good old days. There are just so many twists and turns. Even the tracks that perhaps didn't begin as well turned up the heat near the end. Now it's not without its blemishes of course. Jesus Krist wasn't very interesting, but what it lacked in detail it sure made up for in speed. The closer (made by the same duo) slowed things down to progressive tempo and didn't fit with the vibe of the rest of the album. But for the most part the CD is full of great tracks that we haven't beaten to death.
  2. Artist: Trans-Lucid Title: Dream Dust Label: Aquarius Date: February, 1997 1. Funkee People 2. Burning Dancefloor 3. A Fistfull of Blotters 4. Web Juice 5. Detroit One 6. Eye Time 7. Invaders 8. Square Trance 9. Ram It In Skeptical dog is not amused. I recall a statement made on this forum a long while ago by someone saying that there were no undiscovered gems from the golden age of goa. Because I missed it the first time around, I didn't pay much attention and kept turning over every rock in the hopes of finding that shiny diamond to add to my collection. This is not a diamond. More of a...rock that was left over from Charlie Brown's Halloween. It lacks complexity that one would find in say an Etnica or BPC, but that's ok because there is a reason those acts are some of the greatest of all time. This has more of a minimal vibe with goa trance elements thrown in. Their debut self-titled album was a chore to get through (think of cleaning the toilets of Taco Bell for eternity), but the one thing I will say is that the production here is much improved. The kick has punch and the bass work is nice and plucky, but the tracks on a whole don't have much staying power. I liked Detroit One with it's fat bass and electro style, but that was really it. "I got Etnica!" "Me too!" "I got Dimension 5! What'd you get Charlie Brown?" "I got Trans-Lucid's 2nd album." "Man that sucks...you should throw that sh*t back. And then cut up his family and burn the house down." And thus began a string of serial killings that everyone saw coming, but did nothing to stop. Cause that b*tch Lucy had it coming. Funny. I've never actually seen a football shoved up someone's rectum. Horrifying.
  3. Artist: Prometheus / Hallucinogen Title: Clarity From Deep Fog / Spiritual Antiseptic EP Label: Twisted Records Date: February, 1997 1. Clarity From Deep Fog - Prometheus Process 2. Spiritual Antiseptic - Hallucinogen We know Benji Vaughn was part of Prometheus Process and Simon Posford needs no introduction. They later teamed up for some Younger Brother action. Ewww. Back in 97 they released this ep which consisted of the beautifully entrancing ambient piece Clarity from Deep Fog as well as the more well known Spiritual Antiseptic. In this case I liked the ambient one better my only gripe being that it was too short. The first time I heard it was on Tantrance 6 and it was 7 minutes or so long, so maybe they shortened it for the EP. Simon's track is typical Simon, with a thumping vibe, the smearing of sound manipulation, and loud. He certainly packs a lot in there. Good as always, but if we're being honest he's done better. Right? Mdk
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