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Partydroid - Strange Space (demo) - high energy melodic goa


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Hi, you have to improve your intro, too much simple, you can input more fx's and use some more melodic sequences in it.


Your leads sound like general midi :) You could research more into sound design.

Your bass sounds weird, your kick is not tuned to the bass.


>Your percussions high frequencies are too high

> the offbeat hats sound like hidden in the back

>There is a clear lack of dimension in your track, with this I mean the sounds are all in the middle of the stereo field, dig more into stereo imaging, use panning.

> most sounds are somewhat "dead", they don´t have movement, static, lack of modulation in synths parameters, again they all sound like outdated goa trance from the past century (I do not mean to be rude here, you clearly have good intentions).

> Obviously you can always improve the bassline, it does not have to be always the same note sequence, even if you do not want to add more note variety you can always play with different rhythms.

>probably you are using the same reverb and delay settings to all sounds, which contributes again to general dullness.

> use more fx's, not always the same "woosh" and "rise", at least 2 or 3 diferente to start



The good parts:

> you seem to be developping you composicional skills, some good riffs here and there

> the overall mix does not seem inappropriate

> some ocasional good counterpoint

> interesting synths "game", imagine how it would sound with better sound design..

> you have sense of groove, but again the sound design just kills the track into boredom

> maybe this was one of your first finished tracks, i´m not judging, your track has potential if you commit to it.


I hope you understand this is just a point of view, of course, tehre is always room for improvement in everything, but it is your track afterall :)




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Wow, I never hoped for that detailed feedback. Thank you! Some of your improvement points are previously painfully obvious to me.


I think mainly I have to do this more often.


This was not my first track, but neither was it in any way finished.


Again, thanks...


EDIT: Also, I want to note one thing: I'm not looking for a super polished sound because I think that there is too much of that stuff out there these days. I am constantly on the hunt for a rawer and more "punk" sound to new Goa, while still being melodic. Because of this I am trying for that sound in my own tracks.

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Ok! It´s your track!

I´m glad if my comments were of any help, hope not being to harsh, sometimes we may think we have something great (which in reallity may be in comparison to where we were before), but it´s behind the scenes in comparison to the big Picture.


None the less, I prefer directness when asking or giving feedback because in my point of view it is the best way to improve.


Again, it is only an opinion ;)

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