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  1. Hello, it's time for another release from me. Thanks for your support!
  2. OK so here is a new track from me, I hope you like it!
  3. > Heřman Hasík is Jayex's real name, if it sounds Finish to you that is because you have an eye for the truth It sounds Czech to me. Which he is. =)
  4. I moved this post to DJ promotions, since I posted it in the wrong section before. Sorry if you've seen this already.
  5. After the relative success of the previous Etnica / Pleiadians mix set that I posted some four years ago, I decided to make another mix set. This time I experimented with mixing in and out between different versions of the same track. So each segment in this mix is a sort of mash-up of two different versions of that track. I hope that I managed to convey that there is simply no rest from the onslaught that is Etnica - Pleiadians - Crop Circles. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART I will post the track list in a couple of days. And - if you like it, please consider a repost!
  6. Moved to DJ Promotions. Sorry for posting in the wrong section.
  7. Wow, I never hoped for that detailed feedback. Thank you! Some of your improvement points are previously painfully obvious to me. I think mainly I have to do this more often. This was not my first track, but neither was it in any way finished. Again, thanks... EDIT: Also, I want to note one thing: I'm not looking for a super polished sound because I think that there is too much of that stuff out there these days. I am constantly on the hunt for a rawer and more "punk" sound to new Goa, while still being melodic. Because of this I am trying for that sound in my own tracks.
  8. Hello folks, Do you like highly melodic, explosive and energetic goa trance? Here is a demo of my latest track. I would appreciate any feedback on it. There's other tracks on my page that is in the same style. Peace! PsyKomet / PartyDroid
  9. Hello, There is a DJ set on soundcloud which consists entirely of EMP tracks that contains a take on the Game of Thrones main theme. Here is a link to the spot in the set where it begins. Does anyone know the name of this track, and if it is released or not? I tried asking the artist but no reply yet. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Approximately three years ago there was a couple of teasers published of Chakra remixes. One popped up on SoundCloud and it blew me away, it was Chakra - Liquid Troll (Micky Noise & Chakra mix) and a little later I found Chakra - X-files (Etnica remix) another version here I asked both Chakra and Micky Noise about the Liquid Troll one, and they said it would be released on a tribute-like compilation of Chakra tracks with the working name "Chakra & Friends". Since then I have heard NOTHING about this. Does anyone else here have any clue? EDIT: I made another google attempt and came up with this facebook post. Seems like one of the spots on the compilation was reserved for this contest winner.
  11. Here is a couple of tracks I've been working on. I posted this on reddit already but CLEARLY this is the go-to place if you want to display your stuff to the true psychedelic trance professional listeners and connoisseurs out there. Anyway, here is the stuff... give it a go, give me a word or two if you like.
  12. (please ignore this comment, figured it out)
  13. Hello all, Some time back I made a mix of Etnica and Pleiadians tracks, kind of "duel" like. People seem to rather like it, and I thought that maybe you would like to have a listen as well. Tracklist: 01. Pleiadians - Maia 02. Etnica - Shadow Dance 03. Pleiadians - Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral remix) 04. Etnica - Party Droid 05. Pleiadians - Jungle Trax 06. Etnica - Nice Toy 07. Pleiadians - Electra Total time: 1:07:02
  14. Oh, that sounds promising. What album or compilation?
  15. There was no DJ involved that I know of...
  16. That is correct. This is definitatly a real remix. The clip I published is only approx 40 seconds of the whole track (which I have, but only a really really BAD recording), and it's completely remixed. I could publish another clip of the same remix later if you wish. I wonder if this is the only recording of this remix. Maybe it's unreleased?
  17. Hey all! This is driving me nuts. I have only this bad recording of an amazing remix of Teleport by Man With No Name, and the file I have says it's a GMS remix. I am not sure about that however. Can someone tell me what this is? And on what album or compilation I may be able to find it? Unknown MWNN remix sample Thanks!
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