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Oliveira - Stellar Communication EP

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Artist: Oliveira

Title: Stellar Communication EP

Label: Troll n Roll Records

Date: January, 2016


01 - Oliveira vs Varanta - Stellar Communication (137 BPM)
02 - Oliveira - Hypnosis (146 BPM)
03 - Toxic Anger Syndrome - Trollskogen (Oliveira Remix) (149 BPM)
I was initially drawn to this ep because of the beautiful cover.  Very vivid and dreamy.  Oliveira is from Sweden and this ep is described as psychedelic Scandinavian trance.  All three tracks are indeed very psychedelic and on the light side.  Please realize just because I said light doesn't mean simple or non-complex.  They are all very lush and detailed.  Stellar Communication bounces deftly through space remaining interesting throughout.  Hypnosis is deep with effects and outer space sounds even if the tune itself isn't that memorable.  The Trollskogen remix had a foresty vibe in it while not being forest trance.  Not bad, but too much speaking kinda took some enjoyment away.  BTW none of these tracks had any particular goa flavor despite the label.
Decent ep with the title track being the star for me.

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