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"VA- Goa Trance Revolution 2: Retrofuturism"

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Artist: Various

Title: Goa Trance Revolution 2: Retrofuturism

Label: Goa Trance Music

Date: December, 2016


1. MK Ultra - Shivarathri

2. Athena - 20 Seconds

3. Spirit Dance - Telemetry

4. Indoor - Bom Shankar (Original 1995 DAT Version)

5. Shakta - Lepton Head (Veasna Remix)

6. Proxeeus - Tyca Tyca

7. Denshi Danshi - Leave The World Behind

8. Ephedra - Disappearing Dreams

9. Clementz - Circles





I'm a little uncomfortable with German youth getting this excited.


Hype.  As long as people have been selling something, there has been hype.  And you have to otherwise the masses won't know how great your product is.  So many incredible inventions have simply ceased to exist because they didn't have a Flavor-Flav type hype man telling you how everyone is getting their product and if you don't then you'll be the only loser relegated to a lonely life in your cat urine stained one room apartment.  Por ejemplo:




"What the f*ck?  Sheep sold separately?  What a rip-off."


So yeah hype is aggressive marketing.  Our little music scene is no different.  The labels have to get the word out otherwise they're gonna be left with a lot of backstock in mommy's basement.  Which is why this compilation was so refreshing.  Goa Trance Music isn't a label that releases a lot, but when they do you can rely on its quality.  I don't recall a sh*tload of advertising here and the only reason I know about it is because of the forum here.  Word of mouth is the best advertising they say so maybe those fine folks are on to something because this album is awesome.


Like the previous version, this is a mix of old hard to find goa trance as well as some of today's artists.  The older ones I had never heard of and they absolutely rip.  Shivarathri is a blistering opener and Spirit Dance has that beach vibe that sweeps you up and carries you all the way through.  So bouncy and melodic.  You also get the full version of Indoor's Bom Shankar and while the track is fine it's the long break where its worth can be found.  Bee-yoo-tiful.   Throw in a very old track from Athena (Miranda) and it's like it's 1995 all over again.


The new guys don't disappoint either with an impressive remix of Lepton HeadProxeeus goes full India on Tyca Tyca and doesn't forget to bring his screeching 303.  I'm uncertain whether the Denshi Danshi track is new or an old one, yet it is quite involved.  Great to hear.  The only track that didn't knock me over was Ephedra's Disappearing Dreams.  Hands down the most mellow thing I have ever heard from him.  The class of the new guys though has to be the closer Circles by Clementz.  Where the hell did this guy come from?  What a track!  Intense and old school to the bone this is X-Dream reincarnated. 


So bottom line, this has to be one of the best compilations of 2016.  No filler to be found with great mastering by the one and only Tim Schuldt.  The artwork is retro also supplied by our good friend Ivan Richpa.  Thumbs way up.


Goa Trance Bandcamp

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antic604    499

Just to quickly comment - I love the way this V/A progresses, from the more (positively) ancient & dry sound of MK Ultra & Athena, to very contemporary & energetic Proxeeus, Ephedra & Clementz. Really good compilation (& review) :)

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